Don't Want to Go Straight Into College? Good!

If you are thinking about deferring or bypassing college altogether, you’re not alone. It’s supported and encouraged by colleges and counselors and if you’re lucky, your parents are on board, too!

UnCollege’s Gap Year is a structured 32-week program that allows you to explore the world and learn on your own terms. By volunteering abroad, focusing on personal and professional growth in San Francisco, and gaining real world experience in an internship, you can feel confident in your next step, whatever that may be.

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Of gap year students report that time off made them better candidates for employment

Of gap year participants say the experience made them more self-confident


Of gap year participants say the experience helped them develop as a person

There was a moment during my time in UnCollege, where I looked around and realized that I was living the life 12 year old me would be proud of. I realized through UnCollege my dreams were never that far from reach to begin with.

Lewa, 2017 UnCollege Gap Year Fellow

“It’s been an incredible experience so far – the people I’ve met, the projects I’ve completed – and I’ve grown in ways that I know will help me on campus, especially now having a better idea of what I love to do.”

Lizzie, 2017 UnCollege Gap Year Fellow

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